Real Estate

Our Real Estate Services

Because of our long experience in managing, purchasing and selling industrial and commercial buildings as part of our liquidation and auction activities, C3 has created a real estate division. This allows us to pass on the benefit of the experience we have acquired in managing and maintaining our real estate holdings to our clients who want to invest in this dynamic sector without their having to designate staff to it.

Our Unique Advantage

Our three Cs: competence, credibility, confidence. We have full and proven expertise that you can count on. We’ve been successfully managing and maintaining our own portfolio of properties for years. C3 also has warehousing facilities for its salvage activities and to simplify the lives of clients. With these resources already available, we decided to give real estate its rightful place in order to further expand our range of expert services.

Our Real Estate Holdings

In addition to its warehousing facilities, C3 owns various commercial and industrial buildings in which it rents space to its clients. The buildings are located in dynamic and easily accessible commercial districts and cater to a variety of business needs (offices, factories, showrooms, warehouses, etc.). If you are looking for new space better adapted to your company’s circumstances, you could benefit from learning about the premises we can offer you.

Our sweet spot in real estate is buildings that are ripe for a change of purpose, such as an industrial building located in a burgeoning retail/commercial district. We specialize in reinventing properties to achieve their highest and best use. There is nothing we like more than a neglected building that needs a new identity and some TLC and we are always looking to add to our portfolio of properties.

Moreover, we have a deep network of real estate partners, which means that we will consider all types of projects, no matter how big or small.

Our Management Services

C3 puts the expertise and efficiency of its real estate managers at your disposal. With their assistance, you can seriously consider investing in real estate without having to devote any staff to it. Once you own the building, you can entrust its total management to C3. Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential property, our managers will deal with maximizing profits by taking care of everything. Space rental, rent payments, repairs, renovations, maintenance… there’s no need to worry about anything; just watch your investment flourish.

Our Clientele

Our real estate division serves a variety of tenants, such as government bodies, professional offices, restaurants, retail and services companies and other firms covering a range of sectors.

Looking to Satisfy Specific Real Estate Requirements?