C3 - Evaluation


Our Appraisal Services

C3 provides advanced, well-honed appraisal expertise. Our decades of experience in auctions and liquidations and vast network of industrial experts and strategic partners, as well as our in-depth understanding of the sale of all types of assets, allow us to provide clear and achievable recovery values. With focused inventory and equipment analyses, and a broad market view we can assign value appropriately and often find value in unexpected places, all without stretching the bounds of reality. Whatever we propose, we justify, and we take full responsibility for it. Bringing all our creativity into play doesn’t make us forget to remain realistic.

Our Unique Advantage

Our three Cs: competence, credibility, confidence. We have full and proven expertise that you can count on. At C3, we never paint a distorted picture. What interests us is concrete and tangible: the potential liquidation proceeds of your appraised assets. Our approach is resolutely black and white. If we can add colour realistically, we do so. In fact, no one is better equipped than we are to find value where you might not be able to see it. One thing is certain: you will know exactly what to expect before committing yourself. You have our word on it and we are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is.

Our Transparency

Our appraisals are focused and comply with good business practices. With us, there are no shell games. Everything is examined, from the equipment with the highest value to the stock unit with the lowest. Our methods look at each asset and in the case of inventory drill right down to the SKU level. Our appraisals are professional, rigorous and responsible. With C3, everything is clear, concise and consistent. Our appraisal services are customized to fit your needs so that you can have the level of detail necessary for your context. Accordingly, we offer full evaluations, which include on-site inspection of the assets as well as desk-top reports, which provide a less detailed but more cost-effective approach. Depending on the needs of our client, we can provide a range of asset values including, liquidation values, market values and recovery values for insurance purposes.

Our Added Value

At C3, we believe that the best way financial institutions can profit from their financing activities is to clearly understand the underlying security. With this in mind, and thanks to the contributions of our expert resources in all areas of business, we are able not only to produce comprehensive and detailed appraisals, but also to provide valuable consulting services. In fact, with personnel in the field on an ongoing basis, we are very well placed to take the pulse of the various industries within which we operate. As a result, we can help you assess the risks involved in your business decisions. Ultimately, you can only benefit.

Our Fields of Appraisal

With our access to a comprehensive network of professionals, we can carry out appraisals in almost all industrial sectors, including: steel fabricating, food processing, textiles, sewing, wood-working, laboratory, semiconductors, electronics, foundry, mining, plastics, printing, restaurant, construction equipment, transport, rolling stock, office equipment, IT equipment, and fixtures; and commercial sectors, including: apparel, home textiles, consumer electronics, furniture, groceries, household appliances, jewellery, vehicles, transportation equipment, finished goods, raw materials and work in process. Whatever the business or industry, we have the qualified people required to proceed with an appraisal and give you the complete picture.

Our Clientele

Several financial institutions, major asset based lenders and a number of other private companies use our evaluation services.

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