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Our liquidation services

Whether you need to liquidate surplus inventory, make the most of the assets of a defunct business, generate working capital as part of a restructuring or turnaround, or any other situation where liquidation services are required, C3 has the expertise to propose considered and proactive solutions that maximize yield. And we do it without ever forgetting the human element, wherever it is a concern. At C3, liquidation is consistent with efficiency and dignity, without leaving anyone behind. Our approach is professional, humane, dynamic, and always beneficial.

Our unique advantage

Our three Cs: competence, credibility, confidence. We have full and proven expertise that you can count on. With us, you always have access to incomparable resources at every step of the liquidation process: our network of experts, event organization services, creation of the working group, advertising, maintenance of interest, the ability to generate the most capital, and much more. No detail is ever overlooked. We understand our business, and we carry it out confidently, so that you draw maximum benefit.

Our liquidation solutions

Depending on the situation and your needs or preferences, C3 can work in different ways to help you meet your liquidation objectives. Since we want to ensure that our services are always carefully tailored to your needs, we have divided them into four types of solutions.

The purchase solution
C3 can purchase the assets to be liquidated, then dispose of them as it sees fit. Equipment, intellectual property, raw materials, work-in-progress, stocks of merchandise, facilities, furniture, real property, or other assets: our experts determine their value and we make an offer. Our approach is simple and honest, and our offers are clear and detailed. We give you our word, and we stand by it. With us, a deal made is a deal respected.

The guarantee solution
C3 can offer its services on a commission basis, with a net minimum guarantee. Typically, this guarantee is equal to the offer we would make under the purchase solution. The terms of any amount over and above this guaranteed minimum are negotiated after a commission and expenses are deducted. As team players, we work tirelessly in partnership with our clients, be they trustees or other stakeholders, in order to optimize the proceeds of liquidation.

The agency solution
C3 also works on a fee basis. We harness our expertise and mobilize our teams of experts to coordinate and execute a custom liquidation solution. Be it retail, industrial or commercial, we work for you to maximize your assets.

The restructuring solution
C3 offers services to financially healthy companies looking to liquidate overstocks, assets, or equipment from a facility slated for closing or relocation. Our contribution makes it possible to change non-performing assets into working capital. It goes without saying that creditors greatly appreciate this method of minimizing capital loss.

Our areas of activity

Thanks to our ability to draw on a broad network of experts, we can work in just about any industry, including metals, wood, textiles, clothing, electronics, food, furniture, household appliances, jewellery, real estate, transportation equipment and intellectual property. Our achievements provide eloquent testimony to our flexibility.

Over the years, we have managed all or part of the liquidation activities of well-known companies such as Eaton’s, Aventure électronique, CCM, Stokes, Cohoes Fashion and Fly Furniture America.

Our most important mandates include liquidations for companies such as Tanzer, Triplex, Interlink, Rentalex, Provost Transport, Gusdorf and Pillowtex.

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