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70 years. That’s how far C3’s roots go back in time. 70 years during which C3 slowly took shape, and progressively built its reputation and expertise to become a leader in its field.

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our unique advantage

Our three Cs: competence, credibility, confidence. We have full and proven expertise that you can count on. Over the years, we have helped many companies recover.

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  • competence
  • credibility
  • confidence
Competence is the cornerstone of our company. It has made us what we are today: a leader in our industry. Simply put, we know our stuff. We have the right experience, expertise and know-how for everything we do whatever the level of involvement. We are also the gateway to an impressive network of resources that we have built over the years, which we constantly maintain to exacting standards of excellence. Having a passion for our industry, we make every effort to remain a dominant force. At C3, competence isn�t a static concept. It�s an ever-changing strength that allows us to keep serving you better.
We�ve earned it. By providing quality services and taking pride in a job well done. By paying attention to detail and being proactive and creative in fine-tuning the solutions we offer. By treating every client with respect, showing integrity and professionalism, and constantly re-evaluating ourselves to improve every possible detail. We�ve earned it with our humanity and efficiency. If our name is a symbol of excellence in our industry, it�s because we�ve earned it. And above all because we keep earning it every day, with every mandate.
Our third C has two meanings. First, it highlights the confidence we have in ourselves and in our ability to find the best, most practical solutions to meet your needs. And those solutions are always fully consistent with sound business practices. If we propose solutions, that means we can support, explain and justify them with perfect clarity. Second, it�s also the confidence you can have in us when you employ our services, which is a direct consequence of the confidence we have in ourselves. At C3, we make a point of telling it like it is, even if it�s not good news. Transparency and honesty have never been barriers to our effectiveness.